Weld Process Optimization

What is Weld Process Optimization?

When running a fabrication business, every dollar counts. If you’re not careful, profits will be lost because the welding process is not optimized to achieve the highest quality and lowest cost. For many companies, when sparks and smoke are present, the welder is productive and efficient in management’s eyes. Advanced Welding Solutions works with companies to determine actual welding costs and improve efficiency by reviewing your processes, equipment, consumables, and welder capability.

Our goal is to improve your efficiency and profit margins by reducing:

• Weld metal volume
• Arc time per weldment
• Rejects, rework and scrap
• Work effort
• Motion and delay time

Robot cell with a welder in the background.

Weld Program Improvement & Process Optimization

Advanced Welding Solutions’ program for working with manufacturers identifies specific areas for weld quality improvement and cost reduction. Below are just a few common factors impacting profits:

Our complete review of your operation gives us the information we require to provide you with innovative and cost-effective solutions. Those solutions will:
Graphic illustrating lobe curve

Welding Program Audit and Analysis

The first step is for Advanced Welding Solutions to come on-site and perform a Weld Program Audit. During the audit, our experienced team will have in-depth interviews with key personnel discussing fabrication challenges, practices, and overall goals. With improvement goals and objectives determined, Advanced Welding Solutions will perform an analysis of any processes which involves welding or have an influence on welding.

Goal of the Analysis

The goal of the analysis is to identify process gaps. A typical analysis includes the following:
With strengths, weaknesses, and manufacturing gaps identified, a report with findings and corrective action recommendations is provided.
Up-close image of a weld representing weld process optimization.

Implementation and Outcomes

After your company’s management has a chance to review the Weld Program Audit recommendations, Advanced Welding Services will work with your staff to implement our recommendations and provide any classroom and/or shop-floor training to staff. Typical outcomes include:
  • Fewer quality issues and lower rates of rework
  • Increased deposition rates and productivity
  • Proper filler metal and shielding gas selection
  • Safer work environment
  • Less spatter & clean-up
  • Fewer weld discontinuities
  • Appropriate weld joint design
  • Reduced weld cost
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Increased profitability

Let's Work Together

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