Weld Repair Development & Turnaround/Outage Support

Weld Repair Development & Oversight

Field weld engineering with QA/QC, for industrial weld repairs on existing plant equipment and structures is a specialty of Advanced Welding Solutions.

• Quality assurance (QA) is the systematic process of determining whether a product or service meets specified requirements.

• Quality control (QC) is the process of confirming that the product meets the specifications. QC will often include in-process checks during manufacturing or repair to identify defects in a timely manner.

When a flaw is identified, Advanced Welding Solutions can formulate and implement an appropriate action plan for process optimization and/or rework.


Our repair Quality Assurance Plans (QAPs) start with a project specific plan that meets all the necessary welding and inspection requirements:

• Drawings and related documentation
• Customer specifications
• Jurisdictional
• Regulatory

Our weld repair development plans contain all the technical details including:

• WPS selection
• Heat treatment
• NDT methods
• Drawings
• Datasheets
• Hold point requirements
• Acceptance criteria

Almost always, the QC phase includes on-site travel to oversee every aspect of the job from start to finish. If shortcuts are taken to cut costs and save time, the quality of the weldment will be compromised. Equipment owners are then left with unnecessary risk and the potential for component failure with additional downtime. When the process is more controlled and managed by Advanced Welding Solutions, using QA/QC, these concerns can be identified, addressed, and properly documented. Upon job completion, a detailed report will be issued.

Our Experience in Industrial Weld Repairs

Advanced Welding Solutions has experience overseeing weld repairs on a wide variety of equipment including, but not limited to:
Gas turbine with a crack representing welding repairs


Advanced Welding Solutions believes that any weld repair is incomplete without some assurance that the job has quality assurance built in. To ensure that your repair is complete, the process is split into three stages: pre-job, active repair, and post-weld. Each stage has its own focus points, which are listed below.


We establish a repair plan which includes:

• Method(s) for defect removal if repair (grinding, arc gouging, machining)
• NDT methods and requirements
• WPS selection including details of post-weld heat treatment, if necessary
• Hold points established
• Material confirmation including base material, filler, backing, etc.
• Joint design and preparation
• Joint fit-up
• Welder qualification
• Location of thermocouples or heating elements

Pieces of metal in the background with the following text "Weld between existing heat shield and support rib/gusset" and "Weld between heat shield and tee support."
Turbine case representing an active welding repair on metal.

Active Repair

During the active repair stage, we work to ensure 100% compliance with the repair plan including:

• Monitoring of WPS variables (preheat, interpass, temperature, filler, etc.)
• Non-destructive testing
• Hold points

Steam Chest representing the post-weld check on repaired metal


After the physical repair is complete, we make sure that our work complies with the plan requirements including:

• Post-weld heat treatment (PWHT)
• Non-destructive testing

When the project is complete, a report documenting the entire repair process is provided.

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